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New ministers take their posts

The SDP’s ministerial rejig took effect on Friday, giving the cabinet a majority of women. Two new ministers joined the cabinet, two leave, and one changes post.

Pia Viitanen, Krista Kiuru ja Susanna Huovinen.
Pia Viitanen, Krista Kiuru and Susanna Huovinen. Image: Yle

Susanna Huovinen is the new Minister of Health and Social Services, while Pia Viitanen is the new minister for communications. Krista Kiuru moves from the Communications ministry to the Education portfolio.

Pia Viitanen is the only new minister not to have been in government before. Susanna Huovinen had been Minister for Transport in Matti Vanhanen’s first government.

Jukka Gustafsson, who had served as Education Minister, and Maria Guzenina-Richardson, who was the Minister of Health and Social Services, have left the government but remain MPs.

The reshuffle makes this government a majority-female administration, with the SDP having just two male ministers. Overall the government now contains 10 women and nine men.

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