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New translation of Finnish classic

Writer Väino Linna's "The Unknown Soldier" has been published in a new English-language translation by Liesl Yamaguchi as "Unknown Soldiers" by the world's leading book publisher Penguin.

Liesl Yamaguchi on Tuntemattoman sotilaan uuden englanninnoksen tekijä
Liesl Yamaguchi translated Väinö Linna's 1954 novel from Finnish to English. Image: Philip Tidwell

A new English-language translation of one of Finland's bestselling books - Väinö Linna's 1954 classic war novel "The Unknown Soldier" - has been published by Penguin Books on April 30.

Translated by Liesl Yamaguchi, an American doctoral student who teaches translation at the University of Tampere, this new version takes creative liberties with both text and title, which is now "Unknown Soldiers" to reflect the lives of the many young Finnish soldiers who fought against the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

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