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Niinistö: Major breakthrough at climate talks

Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö says that a significant breakthrough has been achieved at the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa. He says that it is highly important that countries previously outside of legally binding climate deals have committed to negotiating a new pact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ville Niinistö
Ville Niinistö Image: YLE

Niinistö says that, thanks to the new agreement, the rise in the average global temperature could be halted, or limited to two degrees Celsius at most.

“If such a strong roadmap had not emerged from Durban, in all likelihood it would have been impossible to reach that goal,” Niinistö told YLE.

The current environmental treaty on cutting emissions, the Kyoto Protocol, will soon expire. Bringing major greenhouse gas emitters such as India, China and the US into a legally binding deal to succeed Kyoto was one of the goals of the Durban talks.

The new deal will be negotiated in the next few years. It is to be approved by 2015 and it should come into force in 2020.

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