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No post on Fridays as Posti plans furloughs

The state-owned firm says coronavirus has caused a fall in demand for its services.

Postinkantaja Iso Roobertinkadulla pub Black Doorin ulkopuolella.
A rarer sight this summer. Image: Susanne Salin / Yle

Finland's postal service is starting talks on furloughing staff thanks to a fall in demand caused by the coronavirus epidemic, with Friday deliveries set to be largely eliminated over the summer.

The company said in a statement that it is "forced to plan special arrangements for the summer, with the objective of delivering most Friday items already on Thursday".

The talks cover both Posti Group and its subsidiary handling mail deliveries, but parcel and package delivery is outside the scope of the negotiations.

Posti says mail deliveries have dropped by about twenty percent since the start of the crisis, with businesses and public sector bodies reducing their communications.

They ordinarily account for around 96 percent of Posti volumes.

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