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Nokia axes 700 jobs in Oulu

The beleaguered phonemaker’s job cuts are deeper than expected.

Oulun Nokian työntekijöille järjestetty ulkoistuksia koskeva info-tilaisuus Teatrialla huhtikuu 2011.
Many Nokia workers in Oulu are expecting their walking papers. Image: YLE

The number of jobs on the chopping block in Oulu was previously put between 500–600.

But Mikko Merihaara, shop steward of Nokia’s Oulu unit, says the company isn’t at least yet leaving the northern Finnish city. The remaining 400–500 workers will mainly be tasked with feature phone software development.

Nokia concluded layoff talks in Oulu on Wednesday.

The mobile phone giant also plans to close its plant in Salo, southwest Finland, where 800 employees will lose their jobs. The one-time darling of mobile telecoms plans to make 3,700 workers in Finland redundant by the end of 2013.

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