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Nordic Extremist Groups Intensify Collaboration

Neo-Nazis in Finland, Sweden and Norway have intensified their collaboration in recent years. YLE's Swedish language news reports that leaders of the Finnish extremist group Kansallinen vastarinta ('National Resistance Front') meet regularly with the Swedish extremist group Svenska Motståndsrörelsen ('Swedish Resistance Movement') .

Helsingin Setan toimiston natsisymbolein töhrityt ovet.
Helsingin Setan toimiston ovet töhrittiin natsisymbolein heinäkuun alussa. Image: YLE

The neo-Nazi groups are mainly focused on immigrants returning to their home country, defending the 'Nordic race' and pulling out of the European Union.

The extremist groups are also willing to use violence to reach their goals. Members practice different fighting techniques and using knives. Many Swedish members have already been convicted of violent crimes.

In Sweden, the number of neo-Nazis is on the rise. Up to 3,000 activists take part in protests. Some of the demonstrators come from Finland.

The extremist groups tend to focus their actions on minorities. For instance, a gas attack against the Helsinki Pride festival in July showed markings of neo-Nazis. Indeed, the perpetrators said they are Nazi sympathisers, although they are not leaders in the group.

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