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Norovirus reappears on Silja Symphony cruise ship

 A stubborn norovirus infection continues to plague passengers and crew of the Silja Symphony cruise ship. After reporting some 200 infections, the shipping line said Tuesday that another five passengers and three crew members were hit with the stomach bug on Monday night.

Silja Symphony
Silja Symphonyn vatsatautiepidemia on jyllännyt laivassa 26.5. alkaen. Image: Henrik Isaksson / AOP

The Tallink Silja line officials said Tuesday that five passengers and three crew members reported coming down with the norovirus stomach infection on Monday night.

Silja Symphony said that as a result of the new cases, passengers had the option of postponing or cancelling their cruise trips at no extra cost.

The shipping company said its Silja Symphony vessel had been in the grip of a norovirus epidemic since May 26. Since that time, the company said that about 200 cases of the infection had come to light.

The line reported that since late May some 12,000 passengers had travelled on the vessel.

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