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Norway continues search for last Finnish avalanche victim

Norwegian police said they are resuming their search for the body of a Finnish skier missing since January.

Tamokdalenin Blåbærfjellet huhtikuun lopulla 2019.
Norway's Tamok Valley pictured in April 2019. Image: Tromssan poliisi

With spring's arrival in northern Norway, police said they will continue their search for the last missing Finnish skier of a four-person off-piste ski group killed by an avalanche on 2 January.

Norway said it planned to helicopter up to three police officers along with an avalanche rescue dog to the Tamok Valley, where they will also assess current conditions.

Searchers found the remains of three members of the Finnish-Swedish ski group in mid-January, though stormy weather frustrated search efforts at the time in the Tamok Valley.

The group had been attempting to reach the summit of Blåbärfjellet mountain, a 1442m peak in the Tamok Valley. A fifth member of the group turned back from the mountain prior to the avalanche and alerted local authorities.

The victims ranged in age from 29 to 36. The Finns were from Swedish-speaking towns in the western Ostrobothnia region.

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