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Oohs and aahs as Lapland tourists view Northern Lights

Photographer Pauli Hänninen of Kittilä had to drop everything on Monday night to take a front-row seat for an impressive Northern Lights display.

Revontulia taivaalla
The aurora borealis is known in Finnish as 'foxfire'. Image: Pauli Hänninen / Kouta Kuva

"I had to quit my usual evening routine and head out with my camera for this heavenly show," Levi local Pauli Hänninen told Yle. "The show was excellent and the tickets free for anyone who could manage to stay awake. The display began to fade by around two in the morning."

Hänninen lives in the village of Sirkka, near the Levi ski resort, some 170 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. On the other side of Lake Immeljärvi, on 500-metre Kätkätunturi fell, a lucky group of foreign tourists were enjoying the Aurora Borealis show to the hilt.

"Whenever the Northern Lights became more intense, so did the ‘ooing and aahing’. There were a lot of camera flashes going off. Guess they got their money’s worth from their trip to Lapland," muses Hänninen.

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