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OP financial group to start leasing electric cars

OP Financial Group, one of the largest financial companies in Finland, is set to roll out an electric car leasing service. Customers can lease a car starting from just under 500 euros per month, but must sign a two-year contract to qualify.

Electric cars can soon be leased from OP Financial Group. Image: OP Ryhmä

OP Financial Group announced on Monday that it will be branching out into the leasing business, renting out electric vehicles for personal consumer use.

Individuals and small firms in the capital region can acquire an electric car for a monthly fee. The cheapest full electric Renault model can be leased for just under 500 euros a month, while a top-of-the-range Tesla comes at more than 1,000 euros monthly.

The OP Kulku (site in Finnish) service is to include models from other manufacturers such as Nissan and Hyundai as well.

The precise leasing price will depend on other factors such as additional equipment, agreement duration, mileage and the selected service package.

Customers must agree to a minimum two-year leasing agreement to get their hands on an OP-supplied electric car.

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