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Opposition presses for action on employment

The Social Democratic Party, Left Alliance and Greens issued a joint protest over the government's supplemental budget proposal on Monday, criticizing it for not focusing funds on measures to boost employment.

Vasemmistoliiton Kari Uotila (vas.), vihreiden Touko Aalto ja sdp:n Pia Viitanen esittelivät puolueidensa yhteisen vastalauseen lisätalousarvioon eduskunnan Pikkuparlamentissa Helsingissä 29. kesäkuuta.
Left Alliance MP Kari Uotila (left), Green League MP Touko Aalto and SDP MP Pia Viitanen filed the joint opposition protest on Monday. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

In the joint statement, the three opposition parties demanded that a supplemental budget aimed at boosting employment be brought before parliament the government early in the autumn session. It further demands that the government presents an evaluation of its economic policies in terms of the impact on employment, equality, income distribution and fairness.

In addition, the three parties urged the government to implement fair taxation policies that will gather in revenues to be used to improve the employment picture.

The coalition government headed by Centrist Prime Minister Juha Sipilä presented its first supplemental budget proposal before mid-summer. Parliament is to vote on the proposal on Tuesday.

The extra funds are an additional 112 million euros earmarked for the beleaguered Talvivaara mining group.

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