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OP's cyber attack not over, despite earlier claims

The Finnish bank said on Sunday morning that the lengthy cyber attack that brought down its online banking services was over. However, on Sunday afternoon further denial of service attacks took place delaying payments and preventing access to banking services for OP Pohjola customers.

Ihminen pankkiautomaatilla.
OP Pohjola has been hit hard by an extensive DDoS attack. Image: Yle

A cyber attack, now in its fifth day, that wreaked havoc for customers of one of Finland’s biggest banks was thought to be over.

On Sunday morning the bank tweeted that its services were operating normally and even customers based outside Finland were able to access their accounts—and that it was still monitoring traffic carefully to try and ward off any renewed strikes.

OP Pohjola’s online banking services were targeted in a deliberate denial of service (DDoS) attack, which aims to flood the banks servers with traffic to prevent it handling legitimate customers. The attack, which investigators said was launched from Finland and from abroad, began on New Year’s Eve and has continued for several days.

OP was forced to open a helpline for customers unable to confirm payments or transfer money because of the attack. On Saturday the firm said it would compensate people for any losses or late payment fees incurred as a result of attack.

Another of Finland’s big banks, Nordea, was also targeted in a DDoS attack.

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