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Ostrobothnian Restaurant Extorted Foreign Workers

Police are investigating a series of crimes in the western town of Uusikaarlepyy, where owners of a local restaurant are suspected of stealing money from workers and engaging in human trafficking.

Image: YLE

Police launched an investigation into the Uusikaarlepyy restaurant after one of its workers filed assault charges with the police following an altercation with one of the owners. The employee was allegedly physically beaten by one of the bosses.

During the course of the investigation into the alleged assault, police discovered a number of labour and financial irregularities at the restaurant. Police say the restaurant owners extorted money from their workers for years.

The restaurant‘s employees are all foreign nationals, whereas the owners are Finnish citizens with foreign backgrounds.

Police have detained four people, all business partners in the restaurant, in connection with the case. Three of the suspects have been remanded in custody.

Police expect to complete their investigation by this autumn. Labour protection officials are meanwhile conducting a separate inquiry into the matter.

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