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Outlawed neo-Nazi group seeks appeal of ban

Leaders of an ultra-nationalist organisation that was outlawed in November want an appeals court to reconsider the ban.

Pohjoismaiden vastarintaliikkeen mielenosoitus Tampereen Laukontorilla
An NRM demonstration in Tampere. Image: Terri Niemi /Yle

A neo-Nazi group that was banned last autumn has sought to appeal the decision. The Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement was outlawed by order of Pirkanmaa District Court in late November. The ruling came at the request of the National Police Board, which called the organisation "violent and openly racist".

On Tuesday officials at the court told the Finnish news agency STT that the leaders of the far-right organisation had filed an appeal asking for the ruling to be overturned.

'Incompatible with democratic values'

The court declared that the group’s goals are incompatible with democratic values and that it pursues them through means that are illegal and in flagrant violation of accepted moral principles.

The matter must be granted permission for further consideration before it can advance to an appeals court hearing.

In December 2016, a co-founder of the Finnish chapter of the Nordic Resistance Movement was sentenced to two years in prison after assaulting a passerby during a demonstration by the group in central Helsinki. The victim died a few days later. Members of the group have also been convicted of a string of other violent offenses in recent years.

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