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Palander to retire

Finnish alpine skier Kalle Palander is to retire. The 35-year-old Tornio-native made the decision to retire in June, and said he felt relieved to have finally made his choice.

Kalle Palander
Alpine skier Kalle Palander will now have time for other pursuits. Image: Jari Vesa / Yle

"In February I decided to continue my career and started training," Tornio-native Palander told his local Yle radio station. "However I quickly noticed that I no longer enjoyed practicing. Although I could get my body into shape, results would not come if my mind isn’t right."

Palander, who won the world championship in slalom in 1999 and is the most successful Finnish male alpine skier of all time, said that it felt like the right time to end his career.

"It would be easy to put the retirement down to injuries, but that is not the whole truth,’" added Palander. "It was one of the most wonderful moments when in June, while having breakfast with my family, I realised that two decades of stress and worry are now over."

Palander said he would now devote time to his family, including twins called Romeo and Mona-Lisa, who were born in August, and his daughter Oda-Sofia.

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