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Paper: Finland to open additional sexual abuse crisis centres next year

Finland plans to open two more crisis centres for victims of sexual abuse next year, bringing the total number of such centres to three, according to newspaper Aamulehti.

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In May of last year Finland opened the Seri centre in Helsinki, the first facility in the country established to assist victims of sexual violence.

Now, authorities say that centres in Turku and Tampere will open at the beginning of 2019, according to Tampere-based paper Aamulehti.

A representative from THL, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, told the paper that officials will begin making plans this spring to open two additional crisis centres in the cities of Kuopio and Oulu in the future.

The opening of the Helsinki centre last spring marked Finland's first compliance with an EU agreement to combat sexual violence. Finland became the last of the Nordic countries to have such a facility.

Aamulehti reports that from May until 19 February the Helsinki facility had served a total of 227 clients; 222 females and five males, or roughly about one client per day. The clients who were served ranged between 13-76 years of age.

Last week Finland received criticism in Amnesty International's annual report for a lack of programmes which combats violence against women, saying that while public and private organisations in Finland were working to combat violence against girls and women but were "systematically under-resourced."

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