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Paper: Narcolepsy sufferers to get 100 million

The daily Savon Sanomat reported Sunday that people who developed narcolepsy after being inoculated against swine flu 2009-2010 are likely to receive a total of 100 million euros or more in compensation. A number of cases previously rejected are to be once again reviewed.

Pandemrix -rokotepurkki.
Pandemrix vaccine. Image: Boris Roessler / EPA

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool will be paying out 30 million in claims, with the remaining 70 million provided by the State.

Interviewed by Savon Sanomat, the director of the Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool said that the 100 million specified is the current sum, but could rise since many of the narcolepsy sufferers will receive lifetime payments.

So far 3.5 million has been paid to 150 people. Claims filed by 34 were rejected and another 25 are still being reviewed. The claims previously rejected are expected to be re-examined within the next few months.

The Pandemrix vaccine was used in a swine flu inoculation campaign in Finland during the winter of 2009-2010. Around 2.5 million people received the vaccine which was later linked to cases of narcolepsy.

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