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Paperless Tax Return Draws Little Enthusiasm

A minority of taxpayers have so far chosen to make adjustments to their pre-completed tax return forms online.

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Of the estimated 1.5 million people needing to amend their forms, only 120,000 have opted to test the online pilot.

While fewer electronic tax returns have been made than the tax authorities initially hoped, officials say users have been pleased with the service.

The amended forms are due back at the Tax Administration on Thursday, May 7 or May 14. Tax officials say some 750,000 taxpayers are able to make all of the needed amendments online at

There is no need to return the form if the information regarding one’s 2008 taxes is correctly marked on the sheet.

Deductions under Scrutiny

This year tax officials are homing in on tax deductions made for capital income, including landlords' rental income.

Mirjami Laitinen, Chief Director of the Tax Administration, says people can be certain that false deductions will not slip by officials. Last year tax auditors cracked down on fraudulent travel expense deductions.

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