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Papers: Pori has most speeding motorists per capita, police order drones to help monitor traffic

Two newspapers looked at last year's speeding offenses in 20 of Finland's largest cities and found that Pori and Kouvola have the most speeding motorists per capita. Meanwhile, the news agency Lännen Media reports that the Finnish police have ordered 14 drones to help with traffic monitoring.

Poliisi puuttuu juhannusaaton menoliikenteessä vain selviin ylinopeuksiin.
Image: Petri Vironen / Yle

The western coastal city of Pori is home to the most motorists that speed per capita, according to a new joint report from the newspapers Ilkka and Pohjalainen. The south-eastern city of Kouvola is ranked second on the list and the Lapland capital city of Rovaniemi takes third place.

The papers compared last year's police data from 20 of Finland's largest cities for the story. The major cities with the fewest incidences of speeding per capita are Lappeenranta and Joensuu, both of which are located near the eastern border.

Police inspector Kari Onninen from the National Police Board says that Pori topping the list might also be attributable to higher incidences of traffic cameras along the area's roads, whereas Kouvola's situation can be explained by the fact that a major motorway traverses the city.

When it comes to speed limit infractions that have been determined to cause an aggravated risk to road safety, however, Salo in the south is ranked first per capita, followed by Seinäjoki in the west and Kouvola again, this time in third position.

Of the 20 cities assessed, the major city with the smallest number of road safety risks resulting from speeding was the capital, Helsinki.

Police invest 350,000 euros in drones

Meanwhile, the news syndicate Lännen Media reports on Sunday that Finland's police have ordered 14 camera-equipped drones that they intend to use primarily for traffic monitoring. The remote-controlled copters will also be used in the surveillance of people and places, as the need presents itself.

Law enforcement officials expect delivery of the drones by the end of this year, and the new equipment reportedly comes with a price tag of 350,000 euros.

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