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Parachutist dies after mid-air collision

A 36-year-old experienced skydiver lost control and fell to the ground in Utti, southeast Finland, when a second jumper crashed into his parachute, police said.

Oulun Oritkarin satama-alueen tutumassa olevalla varastoalueella kaatui muurahaihappoa sisältänyt kontti 8.4.2014
Image: Yle / Timo Nykyri

A man has died after a parachuting accident on Friday in Utti, near Kouvola in southeast Finland.

In a statement, Police said the 36-year-old from the capital lost control and fell to the ground after a second jumper crashed into his parachute shortly before landing.

Police say the victim was an experienced member of the skydiving club, which had carried out a number of jumps during the day. The accident happened during the last jump of the day, at around 8pm.

The man was given first aid and taken to hospital, but died of his wounds.

Utti airfield is used for by the army for training parachutists. However police say Friday’s incident only involved hobbyists.

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