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Parliament Approves Vehicle Tax and Non-Military Service Reforms

Parliament has given its approval to new vehicle tax legislation. Under the new law, car sales will be taxed according to their level of emissions.

In practice, this will mean that the price of diesel-driven vehicles will drop by several thousand euros.

Retailers anticipate record brisk sales next year due to the change in taxation. They estimate sales of over 150,000 new automobiles, the highest forecast for almost 20 years.

Non-Military Service Shortened Parliament also approved a shortening by one month of the period of non-military service. From next year, the period of service will be reduced from 13 to 12 months. A move to reduce the period to 8 months was defeated. The green light was also given to the autumn supplementary budget. This will finance, for example, the acquisition of vaccine for the entire population in the event of a flu epidemic. YLE

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