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Photo gallery: Model school lunch vs. reality

Finland provides a free warm lunch to all of its schoolchildren every weekday at a cost to the state of less than one euro a day. Yle photographed school lunches in the central city of Kuopio for four days and asked the students for feedback about the quality of the food. As always, pictures reveal more than a thousand words.

Click on the photos below to see the lunches on offer and the students' comments.
Click on the photos below to see the daily lunches on offer and the students' comments. Image: Yle

Finland offers all of its children a free warm school lunch everyday – one of the few remaining countries in the world to do so. Not everyone is appreciative of this nutritious service, however, and criticism of school lunches can often reach epic proportions. Finland has also managed to keep the costs of its free lunch programme reasonable, as several municipalities across the country invest less than one euro per serving in raw ingredients for the meal.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle gathered comments and pictures of school lunches for four days in the city of Kuopio, located in the heart of the country. Click on the photos below to read what some of the student owners of the servings featured had to say.

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