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PM Marin: "No surprises" as EU summit deadlocked on stimulus package

EU leaders could not find a consensus on planned support measures. 

Kuvassa Charles Michel ja eurooppalaiset johtajat kokoustavat etäyhteyden välityksellä.
EU leaders met via video link. Image: Olivier Hoslet / AFP

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Friday that she wasn't surprised that a video conference of EU heads of government failed to reach agreement on a 750 billion euro package of stimulus measures or the bloc's multi-year budget.

Marin said that each country laid out their position on the EU Commission's proposal with no further progress made.

"I don't think that today's discussion contained any surprising viewpoints from any country," Marin told the Finnish news agency STT. "Positions were similar to what we would have expected."

Marin said she explained Finland's position that the current proposal could not be approved without changes. The government has said that there should be more loans and fewer direct grants as part of the 750 billion euro package.

As a net payer into the EU budget, Finland has been critical of the stimulus fund's structure. The commission has proposed that around 500 billion euros would be available as grants, not to be repaid, with 250 billion euros in loans.

Finland says the support package is too big. Other countries with a similar view include Denmark, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Discussions are expected to continue in person in Brussels in July, according to Charles Michel, the President of the European Council.

The council is the official body through which member states' governments negotiate EU policy.

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