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Pokémon GO gets exercise award from outdoor activities group

The wildly popular mobile game Pokémon GO was named as the best exercise idea of the year by Suomen Latu, the Outdoor Association of Finland.

Pokemon Go -pelaajia Jyväskylän Kirkkopuistossa.
Young Pokémon GO players in Jyväskylä. Image: Titta Puurunen / Yle

Every year the Outdoor Association hands out an award to an organisation or person who has inspired people in Finland to be more physically active.

The group says that the Pokémon GO game - which involves walking around outdoors with a smartphone or tablet to hunt down virtual Pokémon characters - certainly managed that feat this year.

Since its launch last summer, hundreds of thousands of Finns have set out into the great outdoors to play the game, which has been keeping players walking around, often for long distances at a time.

The Outdoor Association said it was pleased that the game had helped to unite both younger and older generations in outdoor activities. Even as cooler weather has arrived, young and old Pokemón players continue to play the game in city centres, parks and recreation areas around the country.

The association's award was given to the Finnish Pokémon GO Facebook group, which has around 25,000 members.

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