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Police: 20-year-old foreigner suspected in stabbing death of fellow student in Mikkeli

Police in eastern Finland say they suspect a 20-year-old foreign student killed a second foreign student with a knife in the town of Mikkeli on Wednesday. Police said due to the way the crime was carried out, the case is being investigated as murder.

Poliisiauton kylki.
File photo. Image: Risto Koskinen / Yle

Police in eastern Finland suspect a 20-year-old man killed another man with a knife in a house on Raviradantie road in Mikkeli on Wednesday.

A third person was allegedly present in the house when the crime took place, according to police. The witness was questioned and is not suspected of a crime.

Police say that both the suspect and the victim came to Finland from abroad to study.

An initial investigation into the death is mostly complete, but a motive for the killing remains unknown.

The suspect's remand hearing is scheduled to be held at Eastern Savo District Court on Friday.

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