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Police: 8,500 litres of booze that two men imported was not "for personal use"

Police in western Uusimaa say they are investigating two men who, over the course of about nine months, allegedly imported some 8,500 litres of alcoholic beverages from Estonia and sold some of it in Finland. Police say the men claim the drinks were intended for personal use.

Alkoholipakkauksia auton peräkontissa.
File photo. Image: Yle

Finnish police are investigating two men in the southern municipality of Lohja who are suspected of illegally importing some 1,500 litres of strong spirits and 7,000 litres of lower-alcoholic beverages from Estonia to Finland.

Police allege that the imports took place between April 2015 and January 2016.

Police said they found 700 litres of spirits and, 2,000 litres of beer and cider and 40 litres of high alcohol-content homemade moonshine during a search of one of the suspects' homes in February.

The two men allegedly denied having done anything illegal, saying that they bought the drinks for their own personal use.

However, police say the men sold alcohol in Finland, resulting in avoidance of alcohol and beverage taxes that would have amounted to some 49,000 euros, according to Finnish Customs figures.

The men allegedly made several trips to Estonia in a large van - and took an unknown number of people along with them - to buy the booze, according to police.

Passengers who made the trips with the two main suspects are also under suspicion for complicity in the crimes.

Once the preliminary investigation is complete the case is headed to Western Uusimaa District Court later this month.

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