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Police Censor Porn Website

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) closed down a Finnish webpage based on legislation that aims to prohibit access to child pornography sites. Meanwhile, some say preventive censorship is moving into uncharted territory. The people behind the blocked ("") website strongly oppose preventive censorship. The site did not contain child porn photographs, but did contain functioning links to other child porn sites. The law stipulates that the police have the right to collect information on child porn sites, and can ask telecoms to block access to such pages. The police began writing up lists on child porn sites last autumn, and now hold information on some 1,700 sites. Lars Henriksson, a chief inspector at the NBI, says there are very few Finnish sites on the police list. He did not want to comment on the site specifically. "Pages containing even one child porn picture are blocked, as are those with active links to child pornography sites," explained Henriksson of police practices. Preventive Censorship under Fire

Green League MP Jyrki Kasvi has been opposed to the law since its inception.

Kasvi says the site's webmaster is a civil activist who is using the site to determine the workings of the police's blacklist of inappropriate websites.

Kasvi sees this particular case of internet censorship as very topical, as the government is looking into other forms of censorship, for example in regard to imposing restrictions on internet gambling.

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