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Police investigate five cars apparently torched in Espoo

Police are asking for members of the public to come forward if they have any information about the incidents.

Poltettuja autoja Matinkylässä Espoossa 7. lokakuuta.
The charred remains of two cars in Espoo's Matinkylä district. Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

Police say they are in the early stages of an investigation into a case involving five vehicles severely damaged by fire in Espoo’s Matinkylä district.

According to detective inspector Teemu Värtinen of the Western Uusimaa police department, officers including a technical unit had been deployed to study the affected vehicles.

Police said Sunday that on Saturday night five private cars had been reported on fire in two areas in Matinkylä. The sites were separated by a few hundred metres. The local emergency centre received an alert about the incident around 4.00am on Sunday.

Värtinen did not say whether or not the fires had been deliberately set. However he noted that with five vehicles affected, some degree of premeditation might be involved.

“We also cannot yet say whether or not the vehicles had been chosen for some specific reason,” Värtinen added.

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Poltettuja autoja Matinkylässä Espoossa 7. lokakuuta.
Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

Investigators will first try to determine how the blazes were set before looking into who had been in the area at the time of the incidents. The detective inspector also called on members of the public with any information about the fires to contact police by email or phone.

Police said that so far no one had been detained in connection with the incident and that they had no clues about a possible suspect or suspects. The case is being investigated as possible vandalism or aggravated vandalism.

Police have promised to provide more information about the investigation on Monday, unless new and salient information comes to hand before that.

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