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Police investigate suspected double murder in Turku

A 30-year-old suspect was apprehended in the stairwell of an apartment building in the district of Perno.

Logo Turun pääpoliisiaseman ovessa.
File photo of the Southwest Finland Police Department's logo. Image: Kalle Mäkelä / Yle

Police in Turku are investigating two suspected murders and one suspected attempted murder after responding to a report of a shooting in an apartment building shortly after 4am on Saturday morning.

Officers found the bodies of two victims, as well as a third person with injuries, when they arrived at the scene in the Perno district of the southwestern city.

Police say they then arrested a 30-year-old suspect in the stairwell of the apartment building.

In a statement released on Saturday morning, police added that they believe several shots were fired at the scene.

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Turun kartta.
Police responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment building in the Perno district of Turku. Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle
"The investigation is in the early stages, and the police are investigating the course of events at this stage," Inspector Mika Paaer said, adding that they already have a preliminary understanding of the sequence of events.

"However, I don’t want to say what the motive was at this point," Paaer said.

He added that police will provide further information at a later stage.

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