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Police nab Tampere pilferer of valuable medieval rings

Police used traditional gumshoe investigative methods to unearth the burglar who made off with a pair of highly valuable ancient rings from the Häme castle last year.

Hämeen Linnasta varastettu kullattu 1400-luvulta peräisin oleva ”Ystävyys-sormus”, jossa kaksi kättä pitää sydäntä.
The stolen ring itself is gold plated dates back to the 15th century and depicts a pair of hands holding a heart.

Last June an unknown thief pilfered two 15th century rings from a display case in the Häme castle. The larceny made headlines, possibly prompting the return of the objects in the mail within a couple of days.

Although the artefacts had been returned, police continued their investigations, taking finger and hand-prints from the display case in which the rings were housed. The prints were lifted from places that tourists did not usually touch while viewing the display.

Then last week came the anticipated statement from the police saying they had identified the owner of the prints. The suspect was soon run to ground in Tampere.

The thirty-year old Tampere resident told police that he had been part of a tour group visiting the castle. The treasure thief will appear in court on charges of aggravated theft.

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