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Police Officer Injured in Janakkala Shooting Incident

An early morning domestic disturbance on Friday has resulted in a police officer receiving serious injuries. His assailant, a man reported to have been threatening his family with a gun, has also been hospitalised after being seriously wounded in the incident.

The story unfolded in the wee hours of Friday morning, when police received reports that an armed man was threatening family members in Tervakoski, Janakkala.

Four police units were sent to investigate the incident. According to Inspector Pekka Kiiski of the Hämeenlinna police division, while attempting to bring the situation under control, the officer was shot in the hand. At the same time, the police officer's gun discharged and the bullet hit the man in the in the side.

The wounded policeman was whisked away by helicopter for medical attention in Helsinki; his armed assailant was also taken for treatment.

Both wounded have sustained serious injuries, but their lives are not known to be in immediate danger. Crisis counseling has been organised for the mother of the family and her four children.

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