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Police: Oodi robbery suspects held

The man and woman are being held in relation to a suspected aggravated robbery at the library in central Helsinki on Sunday.

kierreportaat oodi kaaritaivutus
A man was injured during the incident at Oodi Central Library on Sunday. Image: Elina Niemistö / Yle

Police in Helsinki announced in a press release on Tuesday that they are holding two people in connection with a suspected aggravated robbery at Helsinki's flagship Oodi library on Sunday afternoon.

Investigator Jari Illukka told the STT news agency that police were made aware of the suspects' identities on Monday, but continuous attempts to contact them throughout the day were unsuccessful.

"They [the suspects] became aware that the police wanted to speak with them, so they handed themselves into a police station today. They are now being held there," Illukka added.

The suspects -- reported to be a couple aged between 30 and 40 years old -- were wanted by police in relation to the incident which allegedly occurred in the basement toilets at the library, and left one man injured from a knife wound.

The victim, reportedly a lawyer, was taken to hospital but his injuries were not life-threatening. The two suspects had fled the scene on foot before police arrived.

Police were not willing to provide any more details about the suspects at this stage of the investigation.

Aggravated robbery is punishable by a minimum prison term of two years, and a maximum of up to ten years.

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