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Police probe possible links to child porn in Oulu sex abuse cases

Local police said they are considering issuing a warrant for the wanted persons based on identifying features.

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Oulu police said on Friday that they had issued a warrant for one person suspected of sex crimes in the area. According to reports in the Oulu-based paper Kaleva, Detective Chief Inspector Markus Kiiskinen said that officials will move to reveal the suspect’s distinguishing marks if they see fit to do so.

Local police are investigating three cases of sexual offences in which all of the suspected victims were girls under the age of 15. The suspects in all three cases came to Finland as quota refugees or asylum seekers. Police said that there are no indications that there are any direct links among the three cases and have said that fresh cases may still come to light.

"We’ll first see if the investigation progresses without revealing [the suspect's] distinguishing marks. Hopefully we won’t have to go there," Kiiskinen remarked. "The most important thing now is to find this person," he added.

Kiiskinen said that he could not divulge the charge being considered at this stage, but noted that police are not looking at any further suspects.

Oulu law enforcement officials are also investigating whether or not several individuals suspected of committing sex crimes involving minors also engaged in disseminating child pornography as part of the preliminary investigation, Kiiskinen revealed.

"We are getting to the bottom of whether or not other criminal offences were committed," the chief inspector commented.

Cases uncovered in routine calls, tip-off

Police learned of the suspected offences while responding to routine calls, while one tip came via an official source.

The investigation includes one case in which a total of seven individuals have been taken into custody. The web of offences emerged at the end of last summer and police say they believe there may be more suspects involved. On Wednesday police hinted that new arrests in the cases were imminent.

That case is being investigated as assault, aggravated child sex abuse and aggravated rape and the offences are believed to have taken place at a private residence over a period of several months.

Two other suspected offences reportedly occurred outdoors on the same day in Oulu’s Tuira district in mid-November.

One of these incidents is being investigated as child sex abuse while the other may be classified as aggravated rape and aggravated sexual abuse.

The suspects hail from four different countries and are between 20 and 30 years of age, with the exception of one who is over 30.

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