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Police rule out foul play in skydiver's death in southwest Finland

Skydive Pori said the parachutist was an experienced licensed jumper who was familiar with the manoeuvre that he was performing.

Vain laskuvarjohyppääjä tietää, miksi linnut laulavat.
The parachute pictured is not related to the reported incident. Image: Risto Degerman / Yle

Police confirmed on Friday that a skydiver whose chute failed during a jump at the Pori airfield on Wednesday, died from injuries sustained following the incident.

Police said that they received an alert about accident involving a parachute jump at the airfield in southwest Finland at around 6:10 Wednesday evening.

The jump took place from an altitude of four kilometres. The jumper was performing a technique known as swooping, in which the skydiver uses a series of sharp turns to gather as much speed as possible and continues using the canopy close to the ground.

According to the Skydive Pori, the 38-year-old man was an experienced licensed jumper who was familiar with the particular manoeuvre and its technique. There was also nothing wrong with his chute or other gear.

However during the jump, for some reason the chute malfunctioned causing the skydiver to hit the ground at high speed.

Police said Friday that they had ruled out foul play in the incident but were continuing their inquiries.

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