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Police rule out terrorism in Finnish Lapland car explosion

The target of the explosive device was a van hired for use by the Border Guard.

Aarnintien asukkaista moni kuuli keskiyöllä sattuneen räjähdyksen, ihmisiä kerrostalon pihalla
Many residents along Aarnintie road said they heard the blast early Tuesday morning. Image: Juuso Stoor / Yle

Police in Lapland said that a bomb which detonated beneath a vehicle rented by the Border Guard in the border city of Tornio early Tuesday was not suspected to be linked to terrorism.

The explosion took place in the city's Pudas residential neighbourhood on Aarnintie at 12:50 am on Tuesday.

Police also confirmed on Wednesday that no one was injured in the incident.

The target of the blast was a blue Volkswagen Transporter van which had been rented by the Border Guard. Police said the rear of the vehicle was damaged by the explosion and that the van was not marked with Border Guard signage.

Police said an ongoing investigation into the blast was still in the early stages but that investigators have received several eyewitness reports regarding the incident.

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tornion kartta jossa Pudas
The city of Tornio borders its twin city of Haparanda, Sweden. Image: Marja Väänänen / Yle

Authorities are seeking information about a small red car and the driver of a moped that were seen on Aarnintie at the time of the explosion.

Additionally, police want to contact three pedestrians who were walking on Aarnintie towards Thurevikinkatu, as well as two other individuals who were walking towards the Miukki district along Länsipohjankatatu.

Lapland police department said it encouraged potential eyewitnesses to contact them by telephone at 02 95 466 481 or via email at

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