Police seize 54kg of amphetamines, uncover smuggling ring

Finnish police report thay have uncovered a smuggling operation that transported large amounts of high-grade amphetamines, as well as hashish, from the Netherlands to the Tampere region. Altogether 13 foreign suspects are to be charged in the case.

Poliisin kuva huumekuljetuksesta
A frame image from a police surveillance video at a wooded site where drugs were cached. Image: Poliisi

Police say that the street value of the drugs, in what they are calling Finland's largest ever amphetamine seizure, is estimated at close to 3 million euros. The 54kg of exceptionally high-grade amphetamines was seized by police in May in the municipality of Nokia.

Part of an amphetamines shipment seized by police
Some of the amphetamines seized by police. Image: Poliisi

Police have 13 suspects in the case, 9 of which are in custody. None of the suspects are Finnish citizens, but those who took delivery of the shipments are residents of Finland. Most of the suspects are Moroccans, but also include Dutch, Algerian, Russian and Latvian citizens.

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