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Police shoot, wound armed man in Järvenpää, prosecutor to probe case

Police shot and wounded a man after he refused an order to put down his airsoft gun.

Police received a report of an armed man in central Järvenpää around 10PM Monday evening. Image: Tiina Jutila / Yle

An armed man was wounded in the thigh by a police bullet Monday night in Järvenpää when officers attempted to take him into custody.

Police received a report of an armed man in central Järvenpää around 10pm on Monday.

When confronted by officers, the man ignored an order from police to drop his weapon and raise his hands. According to Yle reporter Tuija Nieminen, who was on the scene, the man shouted at police, "I want to die".

An eyewitness told the newspaper Iltalehti that the man reached for something at his side just before one officer fired one shot, wounding him in the thigh. He received first aid at the scene before being taken to hospital.

Police said later that the man was carrying an airsoft weapon that looked like a real handgun. He is suspected of violently resisting an authority.

The case will be reviewed by the Prosecutor General, as is routine in such cases in Finland.

Item updated with a correction at 10:37 Tuesday 16.6.2020 to revise the location of the incident to Järvenpää, first mistakenly reported as being Jyväskylä.

15:20 Updated with details of weapon, suspected charge, prosecutor's review and that police fired one shot.

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