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Police snare cache of 35 weapons in raid on Vantaa home

Police from the eastern Uusimaa precinct say they recovered a massive arms cache during a search of a home in Vantaa. Some of the weapons were found to be illegal, and included a rapid-fire assault rifle as well as a sawn-off shotgun and several handguns.

Police recovered an illegal rapid-fire assault rifle among the mass of weapons. Image: Poliisi

Itä-Uusimaa police said that they confiscated a large number of illegal weapons from a private home in Vantaa, including sawed-off shotguns, a sub-machine gun and several handguns. A rapid-fire assault rifle was among the weapons discovered in the raid.

Police executed a search on the home of a middle-aged man on suspicion of illegal drugs last month. However in spite of their suspicions, they found no illegal substances – instead the encountered the arms cache.

Altogether police confiscated 35 weapons. Some had the required permits, but the majority were unlicensed.

Police said that it was not even possible to get permits for some of the weapons found in the home.

Vantaalta yksityiskodista takavarikoitu ase.
Image: Poliisi

The illegal firearms included the rapid-fire assault rifle, the sawed-off shotgun, the machine gun and several handguns.

In addition to the weapons, police also found a large number of bullets, cartridges and other gun parts.

Police are considering pressing charges for aggravated gun offences. Officials are also reviewing the discretionary licensing procedure in the case of the weapons for which the owner had the required permits.

In addition to investigating the functionality of the weapons found, officers will also be considering whether or not the illegal weapons were stolen and how they came into the suspect’s possession.

Vantaalta yksityiskodista takavarikoituja aseita.
Image: Poliisi

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