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Police suspect attempted murder in Espoo pizzeria fire

Police suspect three men of attempted murder after deliberately starting a fire at an Espoo pizzeria. On Tuesday, officials revealed that a total of five people are suspects in the case. The case has now been passed to prosecutors for consideration of charges.

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The Western Uusimaa police department reported Tuesday that it had completed a preliminary investigation into a fire that took place at an Espoo pizza restaurant in June. According to a release issued on Tuesday, police have now forwarded their findings to prosecutors for consideration of charges.

Officials are currently considering charges of aggravated vandalism and attempted murder against the three main suspects, who are all men in their 30s.  Two of the three suspects remain in police custody.

In addition, investigators also identified a 42-year-old man suspected of incitement to aggravated vandalism and attempted murder, as well as a 28-year-old woman suspected of being an accessory to the offences.

Police: Revenge the likely motive

Police said that they suspect the motive for the arson attack was revenge against the pizzeria owner after a violent altercation at the premises the day before the attack.

In late June, two men each hurled a fire bomb at two restaurants owned by the same man and located in the same property. At the time of the attack, several customers and two workers were present in one of the restaurants.

The other establishment was completely destroyed in the resulting blaze. No one was injured in either of the incidents.

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