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Police to lower speeding fines

Upcoming changes to Finland's traffic law will lower fines for minor speeding offences.

Uudet peltipoliisit saavat kamerat sisuksiinsa ensi vuoden alkupuolella.
Automated speed cameras monitor road traffic. Image: Markku Lähdetluoma / Yle

Revamped speeding laws will lower fines for minor violations in the summer of 2020.

Police currently issue 170-euro penalties for motorists driving no more than 15km/h over the limit in a 60 km/h zone. But by the summer of 2020, fines will be capped at 100 euros for drivers exceeding the 60km/h limit by no more than 10km/h.

More difficult to lose driving license

Eighteen months from now minor speeding infractions will no longer count towards a driving ban. At the moment drivers caught speeding--even slightly--four times in a two-year period or three times during the course of a year can lose their license. Under the new rules, however, only speeding offences exceeding 10km/h in a 60km/h zone or 15km/h in a higher speed area will count as penalty points on a license.

”The driving ban has been one of the main speeding deterrents. Finns in general tend to obey the speed limit, and the new rules are unlikely to cause speeding, with the possible of exception of a small group of people with deep pockets,” said chief superintendent
Konsta Arvelin from the the National Police Board.

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