Police: Victims in Kajaani fatal mugging chosen at random

Police investigating a murder allegedly committed by two asylum seekers in Kajaani say the suspects appear to have selected their victims at random.

Kynttilöitä Vuorimiehentiellä.
A memorial for the victim of a fatal robbery in Kajaani, eastern Finland. File photo. Image: Julia Sieppi / Yle

Police have detained two Iraqi asylum seekers as suspects in both incidents. The two individuals have reportedly told police about the course of events which took place in the early morning hours of September 11.

Police say they are now considering charges of manslaughter, aggravated robbery and payment fraud in the death of a man from Kajaani's Otanmäki district.

In that incident a man was violently attacked and robbed of his cell phone and bank card. Police suspect that the victim died from the injuries he received in the attack.

Another incident which took place that same night, a man was slightly injured when he was robbed of his cell phone and a small amount of money, and is being investigated as robbery.

Police say that both victims were chosen at random and that the suspects did not know either of them previously.

Investigators say that the men had had an altercation with a resident at a local bar before the crimes were committed.

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