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Police warn of early-morning slippery roads

One person was seriously injured when a minibus ran off the road in Suonenjoki, North Savo on Friday

Trafik på riksväg 25.
Police urge motorists to be alert about frost when travelling in the morning. Image: Yle/Minna Almark

Police are urging motorists to be on the alert for a possible drop in temperature that could lead to frost in the mornings. Roads could get slippery on bridges and low-lying areas, among others, officers warned.

Police reported early Friday morning that slippery roads caused a number of traffic accidents in the North and South Savo regions in eastern Finland.

Police in eastern Finland received information about four accidents in the area within a span of half an hour in the early hours of Friday morning. The most serious incident took place after 6am on the highway 9 at Lyytilänmäki in Suonenjoki, North Savo when the driver of a minibus lost control of the vehicle and it flipped and landed in a ditch.

Emergency services reported that the vehicle had three Ukrainian nationals, one of whom was seriously injured. Eerik Pudas, the fire chief on duty, said that all those involved in the crash were adults. The injured person was transferred to a hospital for further treatment and the two other passengers were examined on the spot.

According to Pudas, authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. Emergency services said that the accident was probably caused by a layer of ice that partially covered the road at the time.

A car also veered off the road on Highway 5 in Joroinen, South Savo. None of passengers were injured. Other reported incidents include a collision between a car and a truck in Muuruvesi, Kuopio and an accident in Vieremä in North Savo. No serious casualties were reported in those incidents.

Motorists also reportedly encountered icy conditions on Highway 4 which runs from Helsinki all the way to Utsjoki in Lapland. At around 7.30am, a minivan drove off the same road in Joutsa, central Finland. Four of the van’s six passengers hospitalised.

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