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Police weed out cannabis crop in southwestern Finland

According to officers, the street value of the haul near Raisio would have been around 12,000 euros. This newest discovery is the latest in what appears to be a growing trend of cannabis cultivation in Finland.

A cannabis plant. Image: Yle

Near the Isosuo landfill in Raisio, police last week discovered and destroyed 24 cannabis plants, which they say could have sold for around 12,000 euros on the street.

But according to police sergeant Janne Aro-Heinilä, that amount is not enough for a serious narcotics charge.

"In a court of law, a narcotics charge requires around 50 plants. For one kilo of cannabis, about 40 plants are needed," says Aro-Heinilä.

The street value of one gramme of marijuana is 20 euros; one cannabis plant produces approximately 25 grammes of the drug also know as weed. 

According to the police sergeant, the Raisio crop was larger than average. Usually, cannabis plants growing outdoors in the wild are in groups of ten.

Growing grow ops

Earlier this summer police in Western Finland have discovered cannabis growing in Kustavi and in the city of Turku near the centrally-located Myllysilta Bridge.

But according to Aro-Heinilä, the Myllysilta plants were likely not intentionally planted.

"They may have grown from seeds that were transported there by birds," he says.

Marijuana planted in nature is often typically revealed when the berry and mushroom picking season starts up.

In the last few years, police have discovered close to 100 cannabis crops per summer and have gone as far as to call this new type of gardening a 'boom'.

Earlier this year in February police in the south-eastern town of Porvoo entered an apartment in the town centre to confiscate some 250 cannabis plants.

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