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Poll: Almost half of Finns want SDP in next government

According to a survey released on Wednesday, the Social Democrats are the most popular party to enter the next government.

Antti Rinne
SDP chair Antti Rinne. Image: Yle

An annual pool conducted by the Foundation for Municipal Development shows that 45 percent of those queried said they would like to see the Social Democratic Party (SDP) enter the next government.

The National Coalition Party (NCP) and the Greens came second, with 37 percent of respondents supporting them.

Meanwhile, the Centre Party, headed by prime minister Juha Sipilä, fell to the fourth place, with an endorsement rate of 35 percent.

As expected, respondents supporting a certain political party would like to see that party in the government, the survey showed. The supporters of the NCP and the Centre Party were keen to continue their partnership, but the Blue Reform party would be kicked out of the tri-party coalition.

According to the survey, Centre Party supporters would replace the Blue Reform with Social Democrats and NCP advocates would bring in the Swedish People’s Party.

In contrast, the supporters of the SDP, the Greens and the Left Alliance gave their backing to a red-green coalition government.

Unlike the other parties, there was no clear trend as to which party the Finns Party supporters would like to share the governmental responsibilities with. About a third of them would include the SDP in a coalition.

A general election will be held in April next year.

About 1,000 people were interviewed for the poll between 2-7 June. The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS and its margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

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