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Poll: Consumers in Finland favour recycling over direct spending on climate action

Nearly half of respondents in a recent poll said they intend to limit air travel over climate concerns.

Recycling, reduced meat consumption and reduced air travel topped the list of climate actions respondents said they were prepared to take. Image: Mirva Ekman / Yle

Up to 87 percent of Finnish residents said that recycling and sorting waste and consumer items are the most important climate-related actions they would implement in the future, according to a fresh survey by the municipal development foundation KAKS.

The study, which aimed to determine attitudes to strategies to mitigate climate change, found that two out of three respondents also said they aimed to curb consumption overall. About 55 percent indicated that they would have more "staycations" or domestic vacations instead of travelling abroad.

Additionally nearly half, some 47 percent, told pollster Kantar TNS that they planned to limit airline travel because of climate concerns. However 40 percent said they saw no reason to do the same.

The survey revealed that 49 percent of respondents planned to reduce meat consumption, while 54 percent said they were prepared to replace meat with vegetables or encourage others to do so.

In spite of enthusiasm for some approaches to curbing climate change, poll respondents were lukewarm on the prospect of donating to combat climate change. They were also cool on the idea of voluntary contributions to offset emissions. More than half said they were not prepared to support such measures.

The survey team polled just over 1,000 respondents between the ages of 18 and 79 in June.

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