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Poll: Majority want to keep public services public

Three in four respondents said they wanted local, regional or national authorities to continue providing public services. 

Espoon Ison Omenan palvelutori
A new poll suggests that public sector providers have a strong reputation in Finland. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

A poll commissioned by a trade union suggests there is strong support in Finland for public bodies to provide public services such as healthcare, education, transport and libraries.

The JHL union's public services barometer poll was answered by over 2,000 people residing in Finland.

More than four out of five respondents (83 percent) said that public services should be funded through taxation.

Some 70 percent said it was important that these services are provided by local councils or regional authorities.

There was less support for tax rises to pay to maintain current levels of services, with just over a quarter of respondents saying they'd be willing to chip in more for the same services.

The survey suggested that 82 percent of people in Finland want to live in a municipality with good public services.

The survey further found that many people are critical about the outsourcing of services, with just over half (56 percent) saying that they believed outsourcing would raise the prices of services.

Just under a third (32 percent) said they thought outsourcing could hurt the quality of services.

More than three quarters (77 percent) of respondents said they would be ready to take outsourced services back into the public sector if they were not working properly.

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