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Poll: Newspapers reach 96 percent of population daily

More than half of the population of Finland still get their news from physical copies of newspapers.

Aamupala ja sanomalehti.
Almost every single person residing in Finland of 15 years of age and above reads newspapers daily, a Media Audit Finland report revealed. Image: Isto Janhunen / Yle

Some 96 percent of people in Finland read newspapers and tabloids each day, according to Media Audit Finland's latest report. Readership overall is equally high across population demographics and age groups.

"People in Finland have once again proven their interest in reliable news and current affairs content that's delivered according to the principles of journalism. This is a great thing for all of us, both on a societal and local level," Marketing and Research Director at News Media Finland, Sirpa Kirjonen said.

Published on Wednesday morning, the poll further revealed that some 86 percent of people residing in Finland opt online for their news.

Print versions are most popular (four readers out of five) among those aged over 65. On the other hand, less than a third of 15-34 year-olds flick through the pages of physical copies, according to the poll.

The latest readership statistics involved data of some 23,000 respondents, all above the age of 15.

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