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Poll: Satisfaction with gov't leaps after Sanna Marin takeover

New poll suggests Centre Party voters are the least satisfied supporters of the government parties. 

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin has led a popular government since taking over as Prime Minister in December. Image: AOP

A fresh poll by the Lännen Media organisation suggests that nearly two-thirds of Finnish voters are satisfied with the Sanna Marin government.

Some 64 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the Social Democrat-led administration.

That’s a big jump from numbers under Marin’s predecessor, Antti Rinne. In November satisfaction ratings for his government in the same poll stood at 37 percent.

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Women were more satisfied with the female-led government, with more than three-quarters of female respondents saying they were pleased with the government.

However more than half of male respondents also said they were satisfied.

The survey was undertaken by Taloustutkimus, who interviewed around a thousand people during February.

Supporters of all five government parties were relatively satisfied with the government, with SDP voters the happiest with its performance.

Centre Party and Swedish People’s Party supporters were slightly more cautious, with around seven out of ten of their supporters saying they were happy with how the government was doing.

Supporters of opposition parties the National Coalition and the Finns Party, meanwhile, were much less satisfied — around 60 percent of respondents who said they backed those parties said they were dissatisfied with the government.

The margin of error in the poll was +/- three percentage points.

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