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Poll: Trust in politicians dips after Covid spring peak

Trust numbers were high during the spring. 

Nuorten ilmastomielenosoitus.
File photo of student climate change demonstration in front of Parliament House in Helsinki in January 2020. Image: Jani Saikko / Yle

Trust in Finnish politicians has fallen this year, according to a survey by the pro-market think tank Eva.

In October around a quarter of respondents said they trusted information given by politicians. In the same survey in the spring, around half of respondents said the same thing.

Civil servants have retained more of the trust they had before than politicians, according to Eva.

In the autumn around half of respondents said they trusted information provided by officials, with information from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), which has played a central role in the pandemic, trusted by two-thirds.

Eva's Values and Attitudes survey had not asked about trust in politicians for 35 years before 2020, so there's no reliable comparison to pre-pandemic numbers.

However other claims and statements about politicians were tested, and some trends can be discerned.

"Finns' view of politics and parties has been quite critical, cynical and maybe even negative for as long as we have asked, so since 1984," said Sami Miettinen from Eva.

Two-thirds of respondents said that parties had become detached from ordinary people's problems, up from half of respondents in the spring. The figure has been between 75 and 80 percent in the same survey since 2010.

The survey was carried out in October by polling outfits Taloustutkimus and Yhdyskuntatutkimus. Some 2,000 people answered the survey, and the margin of error was two to three percentage points in either direction.

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