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Poor Year For Mushrooms

The autumn's harvest of wild mushrooms is below average. The Finnish Forest Research Institute attributes the poor growth of mushrooms mainly to an unusually dry August. Senior Reasearcher Kauko Salo of the Finnish Forest Research Institute says that very few eatable boletes are to be found this year, and those only in western Lapland. Those found elsewhere have been of very low quality. Also, few of the most common eatable mushrooms, milk-caps, have been seen, although more may pop up if temperatures rise. In contrast, the chanterelle supply is better than average all over the country. Salo expects that chanterelles will continue to be found in the forests right up to the first snowfall. The latest entry to Finland's list of commercially approved wild mushrooms, the rare matsutake, benefited from early summer rains. Relatively large numbers have been found in Kainuu in the northeast, in the Province of Oulu and in Lapland. YLE

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